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Mirage Out of the Blue Floating in front of My Eyes Part18

Mist sometime diffuses, so naturally. But mind holding tumor or lump could never disappear, nor wiped out so easily., specifically the idea that these negative mind’s one is just powerless in front of any occurrence.

I’d stayed at the hotel in West J●us●em, ר●שָׁלַ●ם, ا●قُد●س, by the way I once witnessed about one week ago, one younger P●esti●an guy tried to snatch J●w I●aeli yonger lady’s shouldering and gripping handbag. That was taking place a little bit distanced from my walking location over there to East J●us●em, probably that area could have mingled circumstance for both J●w I●aelis and P●esti●ans.

Recently relatively sunny days were serially met at my staying zone, not only it but also ●za Strip’s sporadic hard battle days either, that was comfiermable at any media I got news reporting animations.

Really, at May 21st, 11days’ mutual hard battle with I●ael and H●mas’s air launching temporary war expired for the present, abruptly U●RWA in spection team entered this country. This country’s unsolved enmity and resentment which sporadicly cause hard battle is very exceptional in nowadays of the earth. Because it has very another circustance to any other battle. E.g. M●mmer’s civil war accomanying it could be perfectly different from this country’s crash.
Because at this country, very occasionally mutual enmity bursts jetting so ugly paroxysmal collision just between acute and chronic. Nevertheless, outputting very hard gap of mutual total death toll with H●mas’s 227, I●aeli 12 was made public, and after a few while, everything around so momentary hard crash could be soothed as if anything could never take place.

Is that a war’s identity?

Anyway, that aspect is very exceptional in global community. Probably M●mmer’ it could be different from this country. Necessarily very necessary circumstance must be done at the country, either.

In other words, in this country, everything could run so rationally in spite of generated sadness, at the matter of fact very cruelly bluntly all procedure is dealt with ceasefire agreement.

By the way, in my home country, 5.7 milion M●slims settle, thus neither to me, no ethnically gapped emotion was present, but simultaneously one Moslim lady’s application for naturalization was dismissed in court. That topical news was so impressive either to me, I soon after recollecting my home country at this screwed-up country.✽

Anyway, at this country now I’ve stayed, only their mutually unsolved emotion potentitally indwells at each mind could smolder, only the fact was obviously seen either to me.

And personally I had no prejudice to any P●esti●an, but I knew that my outlook was seen so J●w as ethnic identity from the other one, particularly to A●bic ones, I’d known it at Swi●land’s walking with A●bic richer man after the party of that famous villa in terms of literature history, thus I abstained from going out from my staying hotel, except buying necessities for long stay.

After ceasefire agreement was for the present done, 9days have passed.
Anyway, for this 9days had given to me somewhat so strange impression around all what happened to this country, at the same incident, though only news reports at my home country and really at the country in question are mutually completely different, I was not typed one who was screwed up at my mind’s idea, but either to the kind of me, this country’s all aspects were doing me so unsolved question, because after ceasefire, any city activity was resuming as the country was never having any miserable war battle, necessarily all seeds could have caused any other resentment was never wiped out from the country, nevertheless, anything could be seen so as ordinary as not so jeopardised just at the ceasefire, I could have that impression at several days to today.
Obviously listening to any media report, with internet, radio and TV at this cheaper invisible hotel, that aspect could be certainly different from the same situation at my home country, nevertheless, very strangely almost the same situation at listening to all news reports at my home country was realized at this country which was concerned so directly to those days’ war battle.
Midst the air launched misiles and that retaliation from bombing by governmental ordering this nation’s military, my nerve was managed by only horror and tremor, at the situation in which very many information surged my consciousness, brain, and its idea as if I was at confronting unexpected avalanche with my potable radio, hotel’s TV and my terminals’ providing news reports.

Nevertheless, my mind could run only for inspecting with my all terminals so smoothely, eventually amongst this time war battle, my missioned work had been rather done so well, so astonishingly.

(to be continued)

May. 26, 30th. 2021

May. 26, 30th. 2021