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Very Remarkably Contemporary Society’s Outstanding Issues Part1

○One individual person’s power as a citizen’s executing power’s range in enlargement is extraordinarily extended at now contemporary society, that kind of very ochrocratic social aspect is made so arbitrarily, so easily.

That reason must be dependent on SNS sites’ usage by any general citizen. That social phenomenon must be realized by originally held social class consciousness at capitalism’s could be regarded as so ambiguous, that could be at least at economical superior coumtries social trend, so remarkably outstanding these days.

Nevertheless, at Occidental zones, with the Occident and ex-colonial zones, relatively obviously, class social nature could be confirmed so easily, clearly, specifically at Christianity zones, but M oslim civilizational zones and Asian countries’ zones are very vague at discerning mutual gap, because, spiritually at these civilizational zones are generally having religious authorized ones’ social power and credibility could not be discriminated so obviously. That social aspect must invite one C hina typed gigantic planned economics’ bureaucracy and autocracy by one top dictator.

Myammer’s military disorder, Iemen’s anti-governmental power’s disorderly acts and Japan’s social very vague socialistic citizens’ moral at human relation could drag a very irrational delay at executing vaccination. Despite of SNS usage’s frequency, that fator could cause blockage of national emergency reactive logistically rational execution which has constitutional shortage.

○With upper exampled realities, what we necessarily need is nothing but the executing speed, and necessarily, that is partially embodied at any country, and partially prevented from accomplishing so completely. Nevertheless SNS transmitting reality sharable power at worldwide ranged areas certainly makes us so stoicly at doing anything, because we all are so carefully at looking over any act by any other one in world.

Consequently, our general daily consciousness must be set so vigilant mode at observing anything.

○Thereby, at these days, new globally necessary ethical standards and general criteria are needed and demanded to any corner of world as an useful indicative somewhat, as term of philosophy for preventing from any moral hazard.

○We originally are accompanied with own sensitivity. That includes somewhat to be easily dragged into devilish and wicked temptation. In other words, words dellusive conspiring thing is essentially for our instinctive savage power, so enjoyably, at this view and our nature term, we all are inherently sinners, even tangibly our inheritance of regarding evil-minded things as joyfully so exciting. That ecstacy is our originally preserved capablity.

To be frank, only practicing goodness is more tiresome and bored. Then we essentially could never be consistently good, then we absolutely need entertainment at free time and off days.

Nevertheless, that so necessary nature of us is just double-edged sword for all us. And we must overcome that so typically accmpanied irresistible original nature, at this term, unexpectedly, either, re-inspecting Kant philosophy and Aristotle it again so carefully.

Because any kind of authorized and powered ones have reasonably that kind of rude favoritism, and just lazily spend every single day.

(to be continued)

Jun. 7th. 2021