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To Useless Somewhat, rather Your Precious Discovery Ambushes

Word ambush is essentially military term as one so important verb.
And really targeting enemy otherwise unexpectedly present to anyone in world.

If you have only useless tools in your arms, unexpectedly, that is idea switching, you otherwise should have some best opportunity at regarding its thing as fortunate finding.

Because having only useful tools and assets could make that doing only one stabilized peace of mind.

Only the one who has no opportunity could have a chance to create the new road, but necessarily at rough wild.

Only given barren field in this world in own situation must make you trained and habit to do anything. That must be your irreplaceable considerable approach to the providential gift to you, you know!

Fight against your mind's attached lazy dullness, because your mind in decision must make you another step on presumably thorn or kind of tough bramble.
However, newly developable road to another promised land, you get!

These are many useless junks and forgotten strange findings, if we are noticed with these things so carefully, you'd discover so unexpected and amazingly and tremendously unique and very usefully ungettable method to utilize even disadvantageously made things so rarely gotten preciousness.

Radically switching the habitual ideas with your careful watchful eyes in your vigilant daily life must mean so much, you meet!

Eventually, very honestly carefully curious observation must make you another valuable impacting to your personal life, also our it, and my it, you drag!

Jun.  7th.   2021