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Very Remarkably Contemporary Society’s Outstanding Issue Part2

21century had switched our life mode. That is what the ones who are attatched and having persistence in older days’ conventional ideas could never survive.

Except very younger generation who are learning so important things, rather not scheduling for long period, and only very short term planning is effective. And curtailing the expenditure so minimally.

Anytime we should never be lazy at having cautious mind, and careful at catching any opportunity.

Not losing anything as much as possible is the minimally kept mind, other small things should be abbreviated so plainly. To some extent, we must be so decisive rationalist.

At these so tough days, we should consider what is the most important to us, so personally, and we need to focus on only our minimally not cutting thing, and should keep only minimally important things for personal happiness.

We consistently ready for superiority order and previously decide what we should give up for when we run to the shelter.

At the matter of fact, very simply keeping only integrally indispensable things through careful selection to only absolutely indispensable things and items with so smartly wise funnele mechanism adapted mind barometer which we personally leave and preserve and not doing so at forsaking, because we all are never having a chance to deal with everything using only reliable panacea nor securing anything.

We should ready for each occasionally switchable order of superiority according to own arbitrary assessment and momentary judgement, reacting each specifically threatening thing.

If we could do so well, we’d be awoken to what should be regarded so important to us, personally. And if we could pull through these days, so successfully, at the time for the first time, we’d have an impression to be with courageous team we’d share everlastingly.

At thesad terms, we could say that rather than nation, to each one, only municipal gathering and cooperation is more vital and if that thing could be done so well, either country and nation could get honor either consequently, at this term, first to us, own local community’s solidality and bond is critically decisive to anybody.

For knowing our mutual settling zone’s importance, these days pandemic crisis is, despite of our world great miserably outputted death toll, the best opportunity, then why don’t you fight against mutation with our spontaneous cooperation, and in the near future let us meet again together and have praising words to each other!

(to be continued)

Jun. 8th. 2021

Memorandum; We mutually look forward to reporting only good things together!