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Verb’s Function Part5

As first action, let give us an effective summary here, so well.

What we’d indicated is first the questioning at usage of verb. Eventually we have a state of mind toward somewhat we’re interested in, at that intention, we need a discerning consciousness around feasible thing and not so at one issue, and from the beginning, just infeasible thing to us.

Eventually, at the inspection in mind in terms of our action, and its embodiment must have interaction to other one for communication. And that factual reality and necessary truth means other one’s mind is not known to anybody not as well as our own mind, and that irreplaceable truth must be the absolute codition at any kind of communication.

Then, sympathy, antipathy, understanding, disgusting emotion, misunderstanding, or any mind could be made at that premise. And additionally, with these idea and ideological viewpoint, we have in mind, or to say, our mind generates wanting emotion or mentality.

Hence, our wanting and hoping mind could be interpreted or paraphrased at next so rough sketch.

wanting(that range is so huge)

hoping, this mimd generally is based on leaving everything to things’ necessary running otherwise, very occasionally we try to leave all to only God or so. But that mind could be replaced to “wish” or so. Spelling or so could be accompanied so necessarily.

Then, consequently, we must face the reality at a degree of feasibility. Then, necessarily wanting, hoping thing is in terms of interpretation so so feasible, unless we are at so critically last-ditch state, that thing, on the contrary, makes us discern that at so exceptional case, we are obliged to use only “wish” or pray, then these our mind’s phenomenal gradation means the truth that we usually have a mind to assume, presume so uncertain future thing. And the thing as long as we survive in human society, we must take any kind of human’s interacting thing, then necessarily, at that phase, we must intervene in human network and we in mind necessarily asses any other one’s reaction around our usage of any part of speach, and at this phase, necessarily option around selecting verb’s word demands or necessarily needs some account and assuming, presumption, inference to any communication partner must gain ground in mind.

Then, necessarily e.g. our discriminating mind at option in mind which we take transitive verb with causal it or intransitive it must rely on our mind’s subjective assessing to feasibility around our mind holding just so simple wanting and hoping mind’s strength and the communication partner’s reaction around our mind holding idea at mutual bargain or tact, tactics and our mind decision to all these interactive factors.

Verb’s option in mind depends on ‘our mind’s intemtion, or strategy’, the communication partner’s reaction and previously incubated idea to all presumable assessments to these all procedure.

These truths discriminate no discernment between sentences and discourse as conversation and description of words published at any situation.

With this time account and interpretation, let us have a chance to think of vi. and vt. and “think”, “imagine”,”picture” and embodying acting verbs in relative comparing analysis.

(to be continued)

Jun. 7th. 2021