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The One who Gives Only Love

There is one who gives anyone only love.

The one could never be convinced at accepting any kind of expedient kindness, to be frank, the one does never want accompanied with it.

The one who gives only love has no unnecessary ideology, no kind of officially appropriate courtesy. Because the one has only genuinly pure lovable emotion. At this term, the one must be one of epicurian.

And the one could not be generous to any kind of only formal goodness.

The one can never neglect any craving one's aspect, because the one has no rational indifference.

The one only dedicates anyone, only affection. Because the one has no conventionally moralistic commonsense, then the one is apt to be condemned by many conservative ideas' holders so frequently.

Only the one must be probably very awkward, but it is the one's sole act the one can do so naturally.

Then, not so well at good vigilance to any externally

generating smearing does never mean to the one.

Because the one can believe in only serving the one's honest love to anybody.

The thing must identify the one who gives only love to anyone.

So sacred of you, I wanna call the one.

Any slander could never be effective to the one, only the one must have even rejoice even at situation slandered by any other one toward what the one has done to anybody.

That very pure lovable prisoner must keep the one's sole stance to love anybody at no discriminating, just with the one's stance as very naturally done not at theory, only the one who loves anybody, in no border, thereby, the one inferior to nobody, at giving only love to anyone is nothing but the Angel.

Jun. 7, 9th.  2021