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You and Me

You are there, I am here.

Any particle around us is share with you and me, but my acceptance with its reality and yours are essentially not identical.

Your assets and legacy, and mine mutually do have discord and disharmony. 

Because you and me are at different dimensions.

Nevertheless, our breathing air is shared together.

You and me are origin of battle, hostility, nevertheless, at the crisis in survival, we together share all with any situation at which we survive.

 We can allot all, but that could drag mutually unevenness and dissatisfaction.

Nevertheless, we have only one method to share all together.

Not identical, not assimilated, nor no fusion in rare reality, however, we have no alternative but coming together, you know.

You and me at there and here make wall, inbalance, opposition, but very sometimes agreement and consensus.

To be frank, any negotiable bargaining leaves both consent and discontent.

Any unsolved complaint and left dissatisfaction make us some acquiescence. It's necessary, nevertheless, only its monopoly makes us either corruption and bribery.

Now our world's top enterprises at the same.

Free competition is deadlocked, for breaking stiff barricade, we need artificial air pressures!

You and me, we together could be prosperous, and corrupted.

You and me, we are mothers of creation and destruction.

Ultimately, our destiny of being personally independent is the touchstone at testing us whether we are able or not.

Jun. 4, 9th.   2021