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Love and Reality

Anybody truly wants only love.
Nevertheless, claiming only it must make nobody any chance to get it.
Only loving claim in doing nothing makes anyone gotten it far way.

Wanting love is universal truth and any social activity is working on with that tacit consensus, coz only shouting only wanting love is generally taboo, because anybody works only for it.

Universally claiming around only love makes the doing one so confined in madhouse.

Consequently very partical genius groovy ones carry that message as love's integrity and that realizing toughness, singing songs on lyrics, melody and dancing beat!

Nobody wants to make love lost, thus anybody silently woks only for getting amd keeping gotten love.

At any rate, getting something is losing another thing, nobody gets everything, but doing nothing at being scared for losing something must provide anyone nothing, then if you want to get something, you have to make your mind ready for losing many things for doing so.

Claiming love in shout should be left to Rappers so far, their dancing song satisfies your true mind for the present, even if with that satisfaction, your mind could need another somewhat, at the occasion. you might have another idea, but now is not that time.

Love, love, love, only genius ones could be given to shout, so far!

Reality, reality, reality, almost ones must be bound with it so obligedly, you know!

Anybody gets love in reality, that reality's tougness in awareness makes song-writers write good songs, songs are so assorted, according to love's way to be present so personally.

Dancing groovy genius performers doing and singing chorus make miraculous harmony, so occasionally.
Time must make old days' copy either, but strictly these resembrance is anytime so first impressive assessing, you see, anyway everything gradually changes so bit by bit but so strictly, any ages' genius must get that sensibitily.

After all, that essentially repleace elements must make us no copy, it could provide directly no past nostalgy, that impression is just arbitrarily up to any listener!
Because any age's strictly opted one rhyme and phrase is never repleaced, only sometimes, arbitrarily revival boom is produced.

Reality makes love, love makes reality, but only "one now" has each distinct poesy, as with sole value, only the thing is what we'd naver intentionally create nor reproduce!
Because, that poesy must be done only by geniusly genuine and pure but also tough love by somebody.

Exciting dancing Hip-Hop is either lullaby.
But love and reality in strange match could never show its identiy, so generously, because nobody wants own love dislosed by anything so sincerely, you know!

Love must be immanently signified to any lover, only love songs must speak for any other lover’s secret so silently not at sung lyrics’ direct words, as well as silently listening requesting fans in silently doing job creating, as honestly as all sung lyrics could speak for any lovable toughness so tacitly, they listen their requested songs getting that will so personally.

Jun. 10th.    2021

Memorandum; This poetry is made with my listening to BTS's smashing hit song "Dynamite", then this should be dedicated to all listeners to that song and BTS as performers and singers and Songwriters David Stewart and Jessica Agombar.

BTS (방탄소년단) 'Dynamite' Official MV

Dynamite ダイナマイト カタカナ歌詞【BTS 防弾少年団】