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Verb's Function Part6

Simply anybody picutures everything in mind, as brain generating ideas.
Then, essentially directly coming up to our mind of any idea is not yet filtered with any introspective interpretation, then that view must be simply directly in wanting and hoping.
Thus, essentially that simply pictured thing is rarely subjective, not intentionally subjective, because latter case must have decisive mindset accompanied, but at first stage, we only simply wanting.

And necessarily, when we have objectively presumable picture on that first gotten or comoing up ideas, that thing could have introspective inspacting mode and it must be analytically deduced idea, then necessarily it must include assessment which it could be feasible or not as infeasible.

Essentially intransitive verbs' usage is based on our personally pictured mind's activity, andif we are daringly having our mind's idea showing publicly or in public, necessarily its mind otherwise mindset acquired with decision must need objective view, and that consciousness is mother of having transitive verb's usage.
Thereby, we'd get next diagam with these all interpretations.

                                                  Vi( Intransitive verb's usage)

  As generating or coming up to mind, then necessarily it is not filtered with objective inspection nor omtrospective view gotten through assessing mind to which that wanting thing, or hoping it could be feasible or not.
Therefore, rather wanting is simply used at both presumable and not so presumable case in assessing mind. Meanwhile, hoping is a little bit added so presumable inspected mindeset, then rather just wanting, it means some more wishful nature added to "want".

   〇wanting as intransitive verb "want"   <            〇hoping as intransitive "hope"
                            ⇓            hoping is stronger than only wanting

 If that thing could be said to other one,                          Meanwhile, if this could not be said      It could be usually only so FEASIBLE idea.                     to other one so easily. that could       Otherwise, just so trivial thing e.g. to drink beer.                have another idea as it would be
                                                                                              INFEASIBLE, then it needs so far                                                                                                inspection.                                                                                                                                     But at literature, music or art     
                                                                                               thing in description, it's not bad                                                                                                     thing, never yet it must be                                                                              ↗                             necessary.

          Specifically to very infeasible hoping mind,
                                  we are apt to picture another life, the mind's level
                             is very detached and abstract, but anybody could have.
                               kind of inquiry to ideal, and its following.

(to be continued)

Jun. 10th.   2021