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Mirage Out of the Blue Floating in front of My Eyes Part19

Mirage appears to anyone’s staying location, at very unexpectedly out of the blue so many reason, that could never be specified so precisely but to anybody, that appearance must be warning to the ones who watch and confirm it so closely in front of the ones' eyes.

Mirage thing providing aspect is probably very assorted according to the watcher’s social position, economy and surviving stance, because any future is not always the must at coming upcoming to us, that could be suddenly disappearing to anyone, both personally and publicly.
Anyway, according to own social status, mirage’s aspect at least accepting mind’s interpretation must be so specific.

To politicians, to bureaucrats, to engineers, to military soldiers, to police officers, to business persons, to people in the legal profession,to religion serving activists and clergies…. each specific mirage is anytime on standby.

The day before yesterday’s my staying this country’s capitol city was managed by P〇de parade with participants of gender diversity adovocates, that parade was done at the next day at which now regime of this country could probably certainly change with one of the Prime Minister’s armed men defected from the Prime Minister in the wake of allegations of corruption, and it was a declaration of change as a result of an attempt to overthrow the government in partnership with other parties.
Eventually very many each distinct mirage must have been seen to each one, with parading participants, military soldiers, shopkeepers at the cities, spying business persons like now me, not only consipicuous politicians and their acting witnessing many ones with bureaucrats and mass media reporters, and national enterprize managers or so.

By the way, I caught the ascertained information around next targets’ two C〇nese CEOs at mainland of Planned economy empire and H〇ng-K〇ng’s it, and as I presumed two ones had an appointment to meet for negotiation at this capitol city at next day for today.
And J〇anese CEO either had a schedule to meet two C〇nes CEOs.
They seemed to take remotely done conversation. I did them all so well with remote lesson by Y at many her transmitting information through cipher, coded number from Y and other aqueintaces only through transmitting with any terminal.

It seems that they talk while wearing masks over a secret microphone while posing as ordinary passengers on a sightseeing bus and talking with each other in separate seats.To get on the bus, I had to sign up for a tour company in advance, and I have already applied for a reservation for the bus in advance before I could stay in this capital of the country.The bus was approaching tomorrow.

By the way, at the matter of fact, I got so strangely unexpected one mission offer. That was from the world’s richest man who took care of his wife’s diamonds, the organizer of the Swiss wife’s birthday party, which I was also invited to, in the case of Villa Diodati on the shores of Lake Geneva.He mailed me the one that took the video. That was at the day before I came to now stayng country. That contnt was like next with his brightly honest talk to his portable camera.

“Nowadays, we face the issue wich causes us around ocean voyage, because Arctic Ocean’s glacial melting and no regulation around voyage, then, necessarily, U〇A and Her sided countries’ business navigation must get heiday, at any terming, and around them, I recollected your presence, then, I tell you my company’s one project. That is pioneering of michro tip typed externally confirmable unidentified navigating ships or so as any kind of marine active unidentified objects’ searching system so speedy smartly investigationg any each owner’s using own cipher for secret objective transmitting to each headquater, and that system built in jewlry with ring or so, and for doing them, our team has already narrowed down the candidates and explained the purpose of this project to some of them, and are asking if they will accept it. And necessarily, if we success that preject’s object, we ask have the commoditties made by us dealt by you, necessarily we’re going to make it a bespoke system to a certain degree. Necessarily to you who are professional jewlrer, I think we are going to ask you an appropriate advice.”

When I watched his sending his speaking message, my heart momentarily seemed stopping to my bodily sensation. However, with my confirming his animation displaying smiling face and the way to talk so composedly and taking it into account of necessity, that anxiety wa deleted by my calmed judgement.
He after speaking of any ecplanation talk, added to it, for the last time, said,
” Please consider my offering, so enough, for the present we are not hastening, because that business domain could last for so long eras at our human’s future.” then, he concluded that his message.

I was for a while after I got his message, no way at contacting my one of investigating target so subjectively, and necessarily I could never decline his offering with the reason to me as my now business, in other words, It is not natural to confess that he is a quasi-civil servant, a secret collaborator of CIA intelligence. Nevertheless, even if I was accepting his offering so pleasantly at least his mind, it’d be so natural never to be doubted by him around my identification, rather if that thing’s informative knowledge was known to C〇A agents, my life’s security and I could never guarantee my safety around survival.
(to be continued)

Jun. 6,7th. 2021