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Otaku Rap

Otaku,  Otaku, what does that mean to us?

It means so strict skepticism toward ordinary summary, you know!
Because it could be so dissatisfied at looking over all acts daring try to give crear cut solution to anything, that act could be seen so only tacitly satisfied solution to these ones with you, you know! You just plainly want to deny that stance.

And what the kind of socially conventional idea could be comfirmed by the ones with you, you come up with some idea, that is you should be calling you are just Otaku!

Probably you  and so many frustrated ones around only ceremonial, but substantially not profound attitude and idea around running the society, you and the same sensitive ones must shout to the air, skied midst empty plain, or secretly on your bed, "I'm Oktaku!"

I have no idea around you and your fellow but not so close together so indifferent, are having some so commom nature, that must be positively regarding only so meticluous, fastidious and very personally persistent sensitivity, and even until these days, these stances have been assessed so abnormally, but now is completely different, you and the same categorized ones could yell " We are never abnormal, the society by itself could be insane at admitting only offcially ceremonial and modest manner and the method to solve any small issue at community!"

I have no reality to follow your principle nor the ideas held by the ones who criticize your and the same idea holding ones' way to survive, but either I have so similar moment as you feel so gapped nature toward really regurated and really judged arbitration in community at this world, essentially the kind of approach around any social solution, you probably could have so bigger irritation, nevertheless, you have no chance to claim these ideas, that thing is either to me, very understandable you could agree!

Eventually, at no notice, everything could be discretionally dealt with any implicit consensus by so many no idea holding but so sneaky and mean guys and galls in normally regarded so disgusting society, you see!

You and the ones like you could want to ask what makes so seemded ordinary ones are convinced with the kind of only offcially and ceremonially done all expedient stances and ideas, and sensitivity in mind, you know!

To anything, so formally and astonishingly simply interpreted solution could never give the ones any reliable sensibility and sensitivity, thus the ones could have so strange impression aroud all generalized decision in world, that so outed sensitive impression held by you and the ones must regard all so conventional social ideas as kinky and very superficial correctness and pretending properness, you truly feel so, do you?

Nevertheless, generally socially recognizable stances are never be denounced by any voice, never yet substantially almost the ones except you and the ones like you must never deny all these conventional schemes, that is our socially all realized aspect and modus ponens, either you admit!

"Show your concrete evidence around your claim?" yes, I'll show it, e.g. only stragical reciprocal relevance with plural countries is functioning all mutually domestic contradiction's positively neglection at looking over around own profit pursuit!

If these features could be applicable to anyone's mind's circumstance, including the one, all are said to be genuinely Otaku, you know! Because all these conditions must be the decisive factors to make anyone Otaku!

Thereby, aren't you a genuinely convincing Otaku, are you?
If these logics could fit for you, you are the absolutely suprior Otaku, aren't you?!

Then, let's try an iteration of catchy phrase, you agree!

Otaku, Otaku, Otaku is not so bad, never yet only these stances could be positively effective to these days' world as global community  and eacn municipality, you see!

At this very toughened situation in this earth, only Otaku sensibility could rescue any human-kind's distress, hey there you, how about your idea around this?

Otaku, Otaku, Otakkie, you are either so, aren't you?

Ota,Ota, Ota, Ota, Otakkie! Otaku rap must run forever!
If you look for the sole credible manner at surving this world, only Otaku must be so, you join with!

On your so depressed dissatidfaction, you might say your agreing call, Otaku, Ota, Ota, Otakkie Otaku, only that phrase must secure your saneness in your mind!

Because, only not so rational but at long span prospect around viewing our future, only that not so reasonably incomleted mind's strange frustration must be so convinced to anybody, you know!

Never rational, but so ardently tangible to any dissatisfied reality around you is the only truly credible your interpretation to the world, you know, thus we should call it again, Ota, Ota, Otakkie, you and us are all so incomleted Otakus as you've ever predicted, Otaku, only the word is universally aknouledgeable catchy phrase, you know, hey cry together, Otaku, Otaku, Otakkie!

Only that way is so natural at this world's survival!

Only the way is the best deal with wverything!

For us entering into next phase, only brightened phrase is just Otaku!

Otaku, Otaku, Otakkie, daytime and nightime all the day, there you either shook-up being genuinely Otaku, Ota, Ota, Otakkie, if you call so at iterating, you've already been the best superior Otaku, and that way must guide your truly satisfied reality for you and any other one but you, you know!

Jun. 14th.  2021