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I Didn't Wanna Let You Down!

Say, once please let you hear my saying, I wanna be heard of my saying to you, I want you heard my saying just once!

Anyway, I didn't wanna let you down.

I'd held an idea to tell you around my old that girl, but now not so younger than ever, now is seemed the best timing, but which you honestly believe in my told thing or not is up to you, eventually only the thing could be left to now me, anyway I just wanna you believe my prefect innocence, at that moment very accidentally she came across you and me on date, coz, I could not get that chance to get her closer to me, until you and I were close together, you know!

She was just very old days' my lover, please believe in my saying honesty!
Only she just smiled to me and started to talk to me, with her so nostalgic emotion, anybody has that mind, you know, but now I have nothing to do with now her, you see!

Thus, please forgive me at my past thing before I met you, and give me one more chance and excuse to rehabilitate your assessment to me, for the present, hey my only pretty girl, please give me an occasion to have an excuse to me for your love to me!

Anyway, I didn't wanna let you down at that time, you know!

But please calm it down and if you regard my age as necessarily as around now me and older days' me, who can have convincing idea around middle aged my past's perfect innocence, and that time you know, I met her by chance and accidentally you were beside me, only that thing happned to us, you see!

Very occasionally I and you met and stayed together, she came through our location.

But honestly speaking, certainly I make sure remember younger days's her was so cute and pretty and very enchanting any boy, you see, I'd never deny it so honestly.

And o out of the blue, she suddenly talked to me beside you at that time. Then, please rehebilitate your idea around me so being generous to me now, please give me one more chance to love you again!

Now I'm never having any remorsful emotion to now her, coz I have no intercourse for so long years, you know, that thing is known to you, you know the thing the most, it make sure my honesty, you know! Coz we parted together so plainly for so long years ago, you see.

You know so well, don't you, just so unexpectedly now she was so beautiful, not so older, only that thing astonished me at the time, you know!

But, either didn't you have so similar affair around your older days' your guy? I don't have any skeptic emotion to now you, just at being younger, anyone has that thing, not so kinky nor so exceptional like me, you know!

Anyway, I didn't wanna let you down, only that thing I wanted to say to you, now!

Then, say, once please let your mind reset around your will to see me again, so honestly I wanna ask you again! Because my honest emotion to you is never remotedly even one second even staying apart from me of you with some circumstance.

Then, please rest your emotion to me again, and I wanna say to you again, I didn't wanna let you down at that moment, you know!

Jun. 15th.   2021