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Object and Nature around Yearning to for Us Part1

Recollection works with our emotional mind's idea around now doing and future prospect picturing in uniting each other. That is what our mind so accidentally is coming up with in no expectant nor anticipant, because these predictably indwelling ideas are usually done at really scheduled or planned things.

Hence, very older days for us is certainly nostalgically pictured, but unexpectedly the thing could be rather so notinal, and not so realistic, but more recent and not so older things with what we feel it so lately as enough as recollective so concretely toward several years' length our own serial days are just what we can really feel some deeply joinning with now things.

It makes sure make us that what some so deeply considerably recollective picture and aspect in mind must guide us any older past things, nevertheless that is not jointed with now doing, now holding prospective imaginary idea or intentional idea or so. 
In other words, if we have so earnestly yearning to something, it must be directly relevant with now our directly doing acts, interesting things or so.

Amygdal manages either our breathing state's guiding, then its thing could evidence our emotionally held mind's idea and thought content, thus it must include our past things' interpretation and arranging around all memory as easily recollective or accidentally regenerated past things really occured to us so personally.

Certainly we remember any very older days' occurence so easily, but all these could be seen so indirect and even so tough things could be felt so only factual and either even notional. However, more so nearer past things could be directly tangible at mind accompanying direct questions even now we regard as not so com;etely solved nor still annoying our running careness and attention.

To be frank, very directly serially tangible recollective content accompanied with now held ideas must make us own directly sensed some stronger yearning to as our interest, anxiety and now own propositional consideration make one decisive tendency to recollect or remember, or so.

Thereby, now is absolutely jointed with relatively directly relevant all pasts' things specifically in range of at least several years.
Meanwhile severl decades earlier lifetime's events and our recollective ideas around them must be made so arbitrarily according to time span's conceptual understanding to serially running of context with earlier and later, older and newer or so in comparison.

Why I try to formulate so is caused from that I regard all our life timespan must have several watersheds at switching life stance, mindset resetting, and accidentally obliged to change our mind's attentive habit or so. In other words, we human as one presonality must have each very mutually differentiated featured life phase at so plural times according to the length as span's range.
In other words, it's as if the meaning of life is different before and after you have largely taken the helm of life.

Hence, just to the past things afterward changing stance could be felt so realistically yearning to, but them beforehand changing could be felt so notinally.
In other words, human mind and the aspect at recollecting to all past things we personally had really in life must be impacted by anytime now's mindset and now's stance at engaging ourselves, that truth could replace with the expression that our life runs along with unpredictably unexpected changes really we come across, and any life's time character must never be substituted to any other time, namely we all are consistently surviving completely specific featured situation and circumstance.

And that thing means that we survive not going, moving, turning back to any past time date, then we are obliged to have ceaseless introspective view around what we started and kept running and what we stopped and changed some content of doing or so. 
(to be continued)

Jun. 16th. 2021