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Verb's Function Part7

                 Diagramic Summary and Development in Our Usage of verbs

                   Transitive verb's usage at the case of Causal verb's nature 

            Fundamentally, our mind regards only feasible things as precious and basically                        integral. At this term, this regulatory mind's nature is reacting either intransitive verb's              specifical mind holding picturing mode or aspect at the socially phenomenal phase.

                 Ultimately, showing publicly or not is one so grave first stage touchstone for us as                   the ones who use verb's function.

                  At this term, next order could generate.
                    〇Confessing     ⇨ Personally done
                    〇Manifesting  ⇨    Publicly


     〇Denial to get that Idea Opened only Stocking it on Mind.

                 Upper all things necessarily have relevance with next factors.

                   〇Feasibility or 〇Infeasibility
                      These two mutually make a pair in idea as relatively speculation.
                      Additionally, that assessment must have ethically subjective consideration.
                     From the beginning, these relatively speculatied mind idea and ethical                                     assessment are never severed together, so essentially.

                     By the way, ethical idea is based on another dimensioned speculation toward                          all former mentioned verb's usage, but it consistently accompanies with it.
                      Necessarily, ethical idea consists of idea of justice, idea of socially conventional
                      commonsense, lang, and usage by people in general.

                  Meanwhile, internally, evil-minded usage even usually good manner ones in                            society have in mind must be understood by our mind's reason and its regarding 
                   is anytime interpreted as the bad example at mind idea and its habit. A lot more                       its usage should be kept only immanently not publicly shown. Nevertheless, if                        the ideas are accumulated, frustrated mind could be made.
                  However, for frustrated mind, how we can solve is another phased subject in                            another idea at next stage of mind idea.

(to be continued)

Jun. 7, 17th   2021