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Two Sheep's Accord Meets Crushing Part1

Everlasting swear to each other makes one unit conscious about the ones regard them as newly born wolves in community. But probably only a limited members around them could wish their future opportune and fortune, but almost other members around them are just indifferent to it. 

Destiny waiting for comming up of only purely lavable couple is not so warm hearted.

Then, eventually very many similar swears could have crushed sequel so necessarily.
Never yet, almost all lovably mutually ideal wishes and hopes could reach deadend, so necessarily.

Accepting own social setback and surviving it persistently in own option could be up to own couple's union in strength of decision.

Eventually by and large, very commonly only commonplace not in adventurous attempt in love by almost couples could survive so stably, and so challengeable love is not on that base, that would be very common aspect at any common society.

Eventually probably standard love could be made at this very commonplace reality of community and world aspect.

Then, necessarily, very deviantly kinky couples absolutely need so arrogantly impudent shameless inertia.

In other words, being shy and showing modesty must cause these wolves couple so many pitiless slanders, and spiritual torture by many ones with mass in mob mentality.

Eventually, epicurean grasshoppers must pull through these so severe initiation by mass, thus, their feast could have so annoyably pains taking blockage to crush with external factors, like these days' our global pandemic peril and breakthrough from it in turn.

Ultimately, very adventurous lovable couples as social gamblers necessarily need qualification at being capable to go against any kind of reality accompanying conventional ideas so plainly.

Consequently, very many couples could take so formally not so enjoyable manner in community, pretending good sheep, in necessity, according to the absorbing strength of pleasurable passion for getting so personally, that ecstatic demand of realization ㏌ sensation could make very many couples so pretend normal,( by the way, what is normal?) that sequel makes society offcial manner.

Then, if you look for the best partner in terms of society's unritten law, you should choose the most uncontrollable as if being the toughest negotiator as your partner, so sarcastically, you know!

That must be the safest strategy in terms of your following idea in stance, you see!

(to be continued)

May. 8th, Jun. 17th.   2021