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Normality at Abnormally Deviant State Part1

Generally, we believe in our sure reason and our wisdom according to the assessed numerical value which could be replaced with convincing numerical value and these serially relevant truth could be seen so absolutely correct, that interpreting aspect must be our human society's spiritual essence.

Nevertheless, personally anybody must have mind to get any informative anything in order to secure our body so practically and bodily intuitively guarding instinct must prove that we either are physiolosically tangible animals.
in other words, we are to some extent as our mind view, believing resonable ideas and that justice, nevertheless, we either believe in our so savagely equipped intuition and rare and so beasty self-guarding usage and our so wild nature, and either with these so mutually hostile sensation and belief, we couild survive this world, in other words, we at one aspect could survive the society for us as reason guiding humanity, but on the other hand, we very instinctively judge all things around us as individually equipped body presence, thus we all are, at these indications, genuinely so complicated ambivalent creature.

E.g.when we listen to many songs so continuously at radio station broadcasting air program, we can be noticed with that we all are surely healed by so sad songs, so ordinarily, but contemporary society is very complicated circustanced reality realized field, hence, we can have so remarkable impression to our act as listening to music things with favorite songs.
Because listening to so many typed mutually different typed songs for so long time, we can be aware of that even ever never heard so seemed kinky songs to our own sensitivity could gradually impress and even touch our deeply psychological sensitivity.
These serially embodied facts could evidence that we are having anytime another myself as what even to myself so not habitually accostomed sensitive songs could exist, and to newly known songs, if we could be touched so mentally and spiritually, that thing must be the evidence that we all are accompanying our unknown myself as unknown another sensitivity ever we personally had consciousness.

In other words, what we could be touched by so ever not touched typed songs' tone, tune's mode and type, that thing by itself must be what we consistently survive ever habitually seeming to be our own nature and we all are very switchably sensitive animals, we could say so generally.
Namely we are capable to change our own personal favor and range to get us touched by music tunes, songs or any other typed expressed masterpieces.
These concerned factual truth must be our absolute truth that we can easily change and convert our own course and individually personal principle.

In other words, we all are consistently switching creature even to almost inherently destined our nature around any human personality.
The truth must be defined either to next, that is what we all are very flexibly capably changeable creature at reacting any situation's own narure, specifically now these days we are all besieged with so tough jeopadised situation surrounded by risks of COVID's India delta stock pandmic perilous days, our inherently equipped sensitivity and sensibility, occasioally ordersb our brain's reasonably functioned systematic thinking mode with duality which manages academic circles whole over the world, we anytime can have hunch so strongly and even rejecting reaction could be mobilized so easily, that so ultimately desperate judgement could be seemed so integral at these days' our crisis, we could say so.
(to be continued)

July 21st.    2021

Memorandum; Physiologically complicated our bodily sensation and autonomously functional reaction could never analyzed so precisely only with duality dependent numerical value outputting method. We either are managed with so anarchy and violently hostile to reason, that so savage part must be either our part, you know! Specifically when we appreciate songs’ message at lyrics and composed and performed music tune’s melody and rhythm.
To same song, we could have each different impression according to the listening moments' spiritual mode or mental it.