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What is Necessity Our Society Globally Needs?Part1

At this series, anyway, let us deliberate only emergently necessary thing for our human society’s future now.
As the first, now our suffering COVID’s mutation with now’s Indie delta stock or so could be running so continuously from nowadays on, with that premise, we should think our social problem.
One so typically anxiously integral problem we must address to is taking into account of any minor as underage ones’ suffering from any physically and mentally affected matter we should be worry about is our all habitual masking habit, at their raised term as the most spiritually and bodily important periods, they have to hide their true face all around not showing any true expression and complexion, with now our suffering irresistible condition, their mentality could be distorted so much until they get to be adult so legally and physically.

For preventing them from being given their mentality and spirit, as the first action we should take must be pioneering very versatailly breathble effecitve mask’s pioneering, and their face seen through state capable very special material usage at inventing of patants tasty great work.
At the matter of fact, last year, in the beginning days of COVID crisis, I already had an idea to write the kind of SF entertainment novel, but generally SF novels could need necessarily the worst situation we should overcome, e.g. George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four was not exceptional, but actually our real world now we are facing does never afford to think it so easily.

Why masking habit affects them is caused from what so raised period’s their spiritually and mentally good conditioned impact to their growth must be blocked and disturbed with not transperent screened mutual conversation and communication could make them so sly and cunning theier community’s bullying and mutual hostility so unnecessarily.
Tough, we must invent so convenient and appropriate transperant masks and it has to equip them with breathable ventilating devise for good health and very convenient for mutual understanding conversation partner’s emotion, intention and any other mentally readable and interepretable tools for their cognition mutually.

Already raised completed bodily and spiritual adult ones are never on that serious problem, the most problematic objects are them.

Thus, personally I first had an intention to write and describe the novel, but now I look for somebody who can sympathized with my idea, for the present, that same idea holder as the almost same generation one as my close friend is there sometimes contacting together.
(to be continued)

July. 22nd. 2021