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Round Up All what You Need!

You just put behind all you'd ever met and now only stand by next your doing, for it, round up all what you need in your mind!

Withstand all which tries to make you stay now you are!

Even if you have somewhat yet rounded up, just the time, get it through, and switch all your mind, and pick only all what you see so meant at a glance, leave there and take next location!

Arriving there, what you'd watch for the first time makes you another mind, only with it, you might get down to what you mind at the moment!

At any place, you can round up all what you need, coz your next thing as what you'd give it whirl must get you new hope, you know!

Save what you have in future a chance to give it try for you at the moment!

Constantly you are alive only for coming to meet somewhat coming up to you in future!
Any now is done only for that meeting!

In fact, actually for your days, anytime is given for rounding up all what you need!

That makes sense, coz only trying to keep that doing all the way, anytime halfway through, eventually all through, you only get along with what you'd be dragged to so easily!

Don't take harder orbit daringly except so specifically exceptional occasion!

Take only so light lever and get ahead of your next leap! All evening and morning must be set for that doing!

Only what you need in mind at any future must make it your so precious touchstone which must be on your opting orbit and on it, your all fortune must be laid only for your finding to it, the moment must make accord with you and it you'd find!

Take only any now so precious!

July.  22nd.    2021