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You Only Survive Now Having Fun, that’s Correct!

You are anytime spending anything only for each now. Any other thing with any part does never attract you, and you don't miss any those days' matter, though you only take care of now!

Any persistence must mean unnecessary. Persistence is just what we should survive.
Ones who persists in anything must be losers.
Giving all these up is the sole care and mindset you should keep in mind!

Throwing all persistence away from you in all what you need for now you!
Because at any moment, only now is submitted to you.

Delete all your unnecessarily distracting things from you!
Delist them all from your precious memory!
Because these things must make you stand still at the same labyrinth.

At the matter of fact, your past is mine too, thus to some extent, you are me either!

Diminishing all sorry emotional time in your lifespan is knack at needing life enjoyable.

Even intropspecting mind is either futile at starting something!

Now you have is enjoyable to you, that's all and correct so much, you know!

Gaze at only each now anytime as much as you can as well, and think only what you can do only for that now!
At that time, yourself is you, at time you were at any other time from now is just another one to now you! Because in looking back to past, your now is going away from now you.

That's why you at the time is only yourself with each now is what I want to tell you is what any other time is just stranger to now you, you know!

Now you are somewhere, with somebody, doing something, looking at something, these are all, no other things are fantasy.

What is that you can see over there now?
Only that question otherwise could be useful to now you, you see.

What condition is developing around your standing feet?

What color do the skies over your head have now? 

What kind of clouds do float and move around the skies and where do we find the sun now?
Only these are so integral.

According to your whereabout for you, each now, and that time in meaning is each specific, and mentally remotely distinctive mutually, could be so over there from you, you know!

Nevertheless, each now must have just one whereabout for us, so publicly and personally at us, me, and you and time by itself.

After walking along the same time road, resting at some restaurant for taking lunch or so, the road we'd walked along could be seen so different from it, when we really walked along.

Eventually, yourself totalized at your identity and your truly seen selfhood on you must be mutually differentiated.

Each now unconsciously makes us as our identified subject switched, from next to next, thus your selfhood is functioning only for each your now.

And your consistent identity and your each now holding eyes to yourself on your all span could have mutual difference, and each dimentionally conscious gap.

What makes each of them so abstract must never be your truth!

Because your truth must never look over in serially arranged with each distinct aspect!

Nov. 5th., 2018 written in Japanese and upped at mainly Japanese blog, but before "Diminishing..." written at Aug. 1st., 2nd. 2021.
And so many essence could be similar with Paul Ricoer's SOL MÊME COMME UN AUTRE1999, but it was accidentally and after reading it, I intentionally added its similarity in essence at this poetry, and with that devise, added beginning parts could be completed at totalized this poetry's context.

Dark Song

There is occasionally a song of which effect at listening to is only getting so gloomy.

Although only the song's nuance is kind of nowadays' appearance anybody personally feels potentially even at not telling to anybody, we'd say so, couldn't we?

In other words, our civilizational society could reach to so deadlocked deadend reality, so mentally to anyone.
But is it making us laugh out, right?
Because anybody could have worked so desperately forgetting personal amenity, nevertheless suddenly we'd been seen entangled with COVID subesequent evolusive mutation, only that was strict truth, wasn't it?

Anybody could get so melancholly.

Creeping out from that mood is so hard, isn't it?

But already we'd gotten to the unreturnable point, as soon as possible creeping out from the worst condition, we'd obliged to make another reality to which any situation like now could never approach.

However, in period we'd catch dark song to us, we'd be safer, unexpectedly.

Because only so bright song could sound anywhere at our reality, either so would be sinister to us, you know!
Though, dark songs quantity was increasing, if we'd say so, it'd be so regarded more optimistic.

Necessarily, either sad song we need constantly, very cheerfully light-hearted song we need either, to these optional items, I want only free aspect.

In other words, daringly at saying "That is so valuable song, that is our happiness we should have."
Rather these things' complete absence, we need so essentially, don't we?

Otherwise, we should thank dark song, really anybody should do.
Because behind any rejoice, pleased emotion, various kinds of depressed mentality and sorrowful realities could stem us from being so positive, though so sad song has healing effect.

We could have right to diffuse our lament so personally.
Rather than drinking so much, it'd be so safer, you agree!

May 17th. (written at Japanese and upped at mainly Japanese blog), Aug. 1st., 2nd. (translated into English)     2021   

Sam Cooke - What A Wonderful World (Official Lyric Video)

So Sad

Billie Eilish - Lost Cause (Official Music Video)


True beauty is constantly not found so easily, because beauty thing is what we anticipate in shortage or nothing at craving with breathless interest, and that keeping could be sustained only with our wishing.

Any ever seen or shared beautiful moment could not be left now in terms of substant nature.
Because it has gone away from us so really, only memory is left to each mind.

Though we anytime potentially need it, but that hunch is hardly coming up to our mind, and we don't stop our anticipation to that coming up to us in mind.
In other words, only hoping to witness or watch at least a moment could otherwise sustain our mind not broken by anything.

We all could be expressed the presence which anyimte quest that advent and the welcoming it must be surrounded by our absolute ease we usually could never obtain.

To anybody, beautiful monent must be the chance to get thanking emotion to our alive fact, however it could never appear in front of us so easily.

Nevertheless, we all are ogliged to quest it in doing anything only for getting it sometime.
That keeping must have so many not beautiful time, however that coud be spice to get us pleased with beauty's advent.

And, essentially since we were born, we all are known to it from the bottom of mind.
Either what beauty must be gotten afterb or midst so many tries and errors, and consequently rarely found very so well refined it must be found by us again after so long waiting time. Additionally, it must be frequently so accidentally and momentary.

That iteration is so rare but very signified nature to us all.

Because beauty is made of so many plain things, and rather these not beautiful things could make beauty outstanding. Human world aspect is not exceptional.

We get truly splendid beauty in meeting at rare chance with many plain monotonous time to us. That is our daily reality.

Addtionally, sensitive mind for interpreting beauty makes its diversity. 
Because cognitive sensing to beauty is by nature so individually personal view to anyone, that arbitray finding sense could be anywhere, according to the number of people.

Nevetheless, consensus around true beauty could have no accord probably everlastingly.
Only that unresolved whole inharmony is our the most everyday reality.

But that's okay, because ordinarily our all kinds of beauty could never be dug out from us so at a stretch, nevertheless we'd all never abandon our own questing it, and it must be our mind's intrinsic natre.

That is not getting bored at looking for it so honestly.

At some dimension, beauty generally is anytime staying by very devilish malice or very funny and stupid conspirousy. Never yet, very sadly very many sacrifices could have been made at so rarely coming up of absolute beauty, to that thing, we usually are accostomed with accompanying.

However, we should never have so stupid error or failure as much as possible.
And we all are known to it, but that could not be so easy and we'd have also blunder again at each occasion.

However, we'd try to execuse even that thing to each other for a long span, because we all are having common ancestors.
Even so wicked mind one could be known to our mission to recover and rehabilitate our common beauty once we'd lost ever, at that necessity, we'd discover our potential generousity.

Beauty could be splendid at appearing or going away from our site, nevertheless, standing up again only for needing so dinky beautiful moment, and at engaging us in only keeping going on exploring undiscovered beauty, that could be our historical trace.

Though, that road for us must have so tough and heavily rugged continuation in advancing, that everyday must have us sigh so much so necessarily at any facing reality.

However, we'd never give it up so desperately, also from now on.
Because we ought to have been born for questing beauty so each personally, and to have that nature inherently, only that is never switchable.

Because our common ancestors must have evidenced so convincingly leaving many legacy deserving things. Just that is the truth to us.

Our glory must wait for reaching to it, even if we have presonally another it to anyvbody, because just that truth must be the absolte chance to us for sharing our mind's intrinsic nature.
Because, even if we have it personally another to anyone but own thing, we must find out the common featured beauty from these assorted reality, and knowing it in our mind must make us the same beauty at each occasion.

That our tacitly admitting the absolute beauty must make us awoken to our coming together in mind must make us it so surely at each occasion.

Because even if somebody could have been given only given beauty, that one must be known at the mind's some smarting part and even the one must never be neglecting the genuinely given beauty taken by spontaneous will and doing for it in meant trial.

(to be continued)

Memorandum; Fundamentally, I am the one who believe the theory that human is inherently wicked and evil-minded, nevertheless, at these so tough reality everyday, the kind of idea could never be ineffective, thereby I wrote this kind poetry and decide to continue it for a while.

Aug. 1st.     2021