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Substance and Notion Part1

If we try to assess something, as long as it has concrete nature, we could evaluate or honestly judge that it has meaning so much as presence, because it is emobodied with very concrete character and nature only substance must accompany and have so essentially.

Otherwise, if we try to do complate nothing, as long as it has no substance, we could evaluate or judge so reasonably that it must be perfection at assessing nothing but nothing, or otherwise, even perfect imperfection, or complete incompletion at being embodied not as much as being.
Thereby, that thing must be no presence or no substance at being not to be applied to any direction nor any usage, so arbitrarily.

Nevertheless, both perfection at being cognitive to be present and imperfection at being cognitive never to be present as being nothing must awake us that the nature in mutually symmetrical at approaching but this sliding consciousness of us must be driven to make some irreplaceable supreme and perfect matching with them.

E.g. if we try to interpret algibraic some nature both at obviously present thing and never that nature abesent thing, we must make complete formulated balanced reality discovered and recognized at our mind so confidentely.
First, if we have only substance and have no notion as nothing, we must never analyze any present matter and several things with interracted relevance or so in our world.

At this rate or dimensional term of recognition, we must need two of them as couple and matching order for outputting formularized viewpoint, in other words, we can do anything at externally working out from us with these set symmetrical recognitive approach at really facing and confronting everything, necessarily even at these COVID pandemic crisis perilpously survinving age.

When we measure any substantial item, we must use either concept with zero(0) as nothing, through that combined scheme, we could pull through everything.
Though, if we could observe any present matter as substance, we meantime at our mind, consistently have only notionally sensing another dimentional scale and ruler at our brain and mind.

In other werds, at some terms, just because we make that never substantial notion indwell at our mind, we could measure, analyze any substantially realized and materialized object, phenomenon, or so.
Consequently these formulating or anlyzing scale or ruler's presence could be sustained with our very obvious and very clearized notional picture in mind, necessarily because we inherently have these ruling tools in mind, we can positively and affirmatively react any externally developped realities.

Even if we could be taught or told by externally deployed everything at observing, witnessing all things with our own eyes, ears or so, to smell, with nose, if we inherently have no senser at our mind, we could never perceive nor grasp every phenonal things as analyzed index nor nature world's law indicating touchstone.
Thus, if we daringly summarize all these truths with diaglam and formula, next aspect accompanying appearance could be convincingly possible to us.

In Mind, inherently equipped or cognitive power as cognition to nothing= N(∀)(∃)
In Mind, reactively we view to all things deplyed at substantial world= M(ourselves ∋(∀)), and with formulating O, we must be applied at relevance like next.
(N means nothing, M means our mind, O means object to observe or withness, in measuring, or so.)


we can make formulation like next.



∃((∃)(M(O:N∋∃)∋(∀) ).

And necessarily, we can recognize like next.

N(∃((∃)(M(O:N∋∃)∋(∀) ))

Necessarily, we can formulate like next as infinite Antinomy characterized backward.

M(O:N∋∃)∋(∀)(N(∃((∃)(M(O:N∋∃)∋(∀) )))

(∃)(M(O:N∋∃)∋(∀)(N(∃((∃)(M(O:N∋∃)∋(∀) ))))

M(O:N∋∃)∋(∀)(N(∃((∃)(M(O:N∋∃)∋(∀) ))))

By the way, extension driven ∃ must never be rarely only ∃, just it must be (∃).
Because we could never confirm ∃ by itself as substance(e/g. through measuring really,thus, it only relies on our idea in brain), though, we must give ∃ in formula just as (∃). This thing must be analyzed and inspected so precisely either from now on so continuously.

(to be continued)

July. 26th., Aug. 4th.    2021

Prime Time

That cave is my secret hideout, at savagely official regulation reigning jungle with anonimity and ceremonial kindness.

Only that cave is so easy and very heartful thick warmer entrance anytime welcomes me entering into that cave.

Because only that place is so easily healing my heart and brain, anybody has that place or not is not my business!

That very warmer comfort is my secrecy, to anyone in world, you know!
That easing power is so stronger than any other place in world at least to me.

It makes sure that that place’s ease is too excellent to go back to everyday precipitous jungle. But reality does never permit me to do so, that circumstance must be shared with anybody in this world, you agree!

But, that’l be no problem.
In doing routine job mission, my soul is stolen to all hard problems, although at so heavily lasting, occasionally my sense and mind could be attracted to that easy cave my so private secrecy, and that time’s my rejoice has no enemy.

Nothing is so pretty nor beautiful but your the prime time’s intoxicated expression!

At the matter of fact, my mind secretly has some indecent desire to show your that time’s expression as the most beautiful in the world to anybody, but necessarily I’d keep it so secret.

Probably your prime time is upcoming to you with your own cave you either want it secret, that you is your you too, but to me, my secret cave must make me a supreme rejoice also today’s night time.

And only for waiting for it and getting it with you is my the best pleasure, only for it, my life must be here alive, just in front of you, oh, my secret cave, you can provide me, and keep my life happy so everlastingly and pleased forevermore!

July 28th., Aug. 3rd.     2021

Love Wave Part2

Starving in absence of something makes jealousy to any satisfaction.

We need laughter, but it must accompany so selfish minded idea to something at unconsciously posture.

Thus, nobody is perfection only goodness is done.

These realities' acceptance drives love accompanying own wave.

That must be releasing stagnant moratorium.

Love fulfillment means releasing from stalemate.

Relieving that sunken period smoothes affectionate emission, it's love ♥ wave and it composes provision to loving one's for new life.

Human personal mind has our daily reading to time's maturity, our personal option at watershed could be also driven by love wave.

How we can take it advantage of keeping our life so fecund and its fold makes us felicity.

Love to person, world, being, time has no alternative.

Our following competition at each item keeps to make love wave.

Though, love wave's aspect has diversity, and its widened range makes us life and happiness in accord.

In some inevitable problems, that confidence to catch and nurture love wave must resolve its slump.

There, anything could be completed with lone wave, because our own vitally beholding that pal, we can have sure object, aim, and conviction to all knowledgeable and usefull empirical confidence at talking our own life so signified.

July. 24, 25th.      2021