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Devoting on You

Dutiful doing demands only cost. Reward, allowance.

That only needs acuracy.

But truly dediating everything is different from obliged acting, because it's so delightfully spontaneous.

Sung voice heard to me of you makes me know your devotion as a singer for all, deva's holy nature on you is nothing but devotion.

It needs no acuracy. Only that doing satisfies any heard mind. In doing at own intoxicating the one's own doing, that ecstatic running touches any audience.

Being beside God is identical with the mind.

Because God's true belief to us is never anticipating.

The mind from God makes us acceptance of His mercy. Because anticipating is never true love.

Only no wanting compensation means belief.

Though like you who sings in no wanting reaction naturally gathers many audience.

That appearing very providential glitter is never calculated acuracy.

I just want to do everything like the devotion on you, singing, wishing, and only loving, conceiving given affection in loving.

What I want me to do all and me too is just only it.

Love to someone, G od are all the same, you know.

Nov. 29th.   2022

Communicative Aspect we can Confirm ⑬

Very necessarily, Martin Luther was never God, he was neither Lord, but one so annoying citizen at his alive ages. Though his text this essay series deals with has at Ordained some very touchy trembling mind as some nuisance attending nasty emotion at being toyed by Pseudo-Dionysius. Because he tries to deny Dionysius, none the less, simultaneously he either confesses him daringly.

That is next part.

"At the matter of fact, I have an idea that nothing is better than Dionysius, in terms of Ordained. Because the Pope, cardinalis, archbishops were never mentioned by him, he just positions only bishops so the supreme." But he immediately continues like next. "But his allegory's usage work is utterly inability extent. Ethologists could never accomplish the Bible's orthodoxy  otherwise pure reasoned significance through allegory. If I try to indicate applying what Origenes Adamantius could comprehend, his theology doing as I mentioned is very dangerous thing.(and he runs his preach serially) nevertheless Dionysius mentioned that Ordained was so significant, it'd never reason that it'd be Sacrament."

With his those procedural thinking circuit in terms of his theological point of view, Luther's own idea is so constantly twisted that his idea around reformative essence must have own defiant revolvable decisiveness. Because his texts were all intrinsically mere manifestatoes.

Manifestoes and analytical papers are mutually necessarily very different mutually.

Former are just declaration of own position and ideological fixing will's allegation. Meanwhile, latter analytical papers are try and error.

In other words, former is policy abiding course impressing and fine definition in rejecting any other remark nor doctrine. On the other hand, latter is inquiry and investigating stance's displaying.

By the way, I do never which is the most superior than anything. Each very satisfying reason to exist is easily reasoned.

However, merely, in the case of Luther, his manifesto's meaning is very highly integral.

At next occasion to address to Luther ethological essence analysis once again, why don't we turn back to "About Buptism's Sacrament".

(Irregularly continued, but relatively upcoming day)

Nov. 29th.  2022


How can you ask you anything?

When you ask me how I can find myself, I'll reply sending you a message, "Only asking me "How can you make you a day for you?""

Anytime only so simple asking is hardly seen to anybody's mind, you know."

On the road you head for some heavenly ocean, shiny beamed easy wave and glimmering light on seashore, but truly beautiful thing could be what makes you watch everything so beautifully. 

In other words, no matter how this globe could be made, watching everything so beautifully through your eyes and mind of you, that's the evidence you must have mind to sense anything so beautiful. Because "Beauty" must be sensed only by beautiful mind for sensing anything so beautifully, you know.

World is so simple. Because beautiful minded ones can see everything so beautifully and sense it so truly beautiful.

Here you too, you just see.

Nov. 28th    2022