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Passion's Nature Part 1

At least to me, curiosity and its keeping passion is very ambivalent, and necessarily so various.

E. g. I have mind wanting to make me absorbed in only so almostly meticurously small and very partial things' inspection and investigation. That nature must be fastidious too, buv that approach is absolutely necessary.

Meanwhile, I have very rough idea and only passion driving thing could attract my concern.

Both things are constantly co-existing mutually at relevant state and irrelevant it.

These entirely totalized stance as latter and very precisely small accumulating advance are at no contradiction staying adjoining to each other.

These two differentiated passion's paterns are sometimes mutually interactively present, but simultaneously mutually completely irrelevant and indifferent.

Eventually any truth could be set or composed, but its effect is arbitrarily case by case, then any core composed essence could not be formulated so strictly.

In other words, any formal procedure could not be efficiently certain truth.

Just only inductive approach and so totalized deductive approach are present. Only the thing could be possible. Then mind's passions' way to be is just flexibly ambivalent.

Anyway nevertheless I feel that sometimes these very symmetrical two things could be synthesized, of course that is not always done, but both symmetrical two things could be held at our method so advantageously occasionally.
(to be continued)

Jun. 5th.    2021