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Passion’s Nature Part2

We are very bodily tangible creature. Then every minutely strict thing at job or so is impacted by all nature condition with weather, temparature, humidity, and sunshine degree, and clouds’ it or so, consequently all aspects could impact anf affect our mentality, and occasionally drives our mind to do something at having any result.

E.g. very strictly precisely precision procedure needed circumstance could demand occasional pause or time to rest, then according to degree of very minute work as acting content , we need so large opened space once in long running of daily routine, on the contrary, then our very consentrating and so accurate procesure or job running process must need very symmetrically contrary situation so usually and generally, for lessening so strictly rigid tension we are obliged to be with everyday, very relaxed and emancipated necessity to nervous mind could be integral.

Then, one so consentrated passion in passinate interest consequently makes us another passion at being not so consentrated, not being at vigilance of any observing to externally generating thing or so, as to be diffused tension and tough consentration, in other words, very easy and lazy situation is required so necessarily, at our physiologic barometer of knowing own spritual cirsumstance.
Then our mind must be documantation management executor to our own personality.

Then as some necessary principle, very tensely consentrated mind rather needs very relaxed and easy, even so extremely lazy minded condition or empty-minded state spending in some time, so positively are required at our mind so usually, you know. If we have strong mind to complete something, rahter these demands are justified sonaturally.

Fulfilment at doing job mission must need some fluctuation in mind and really done process at professional necessity.

Hence passion has both so positively stepping forward( tasty) mission feeling and even very decedently neglecting mind’s mode with some do idle minded request to our honesty must generate so in turn. In other words, not so passinately creative mode positively is demanded so in turn, and with that irregular insertion of derailed object mode could create another passion in our mind’s variation assessment so naturally.

What we need at process of running means that kind of fluctuation and hasitant mind’s frequent skeptical questioning and its response.

Simply, we are only besieged with only desperate tackling mode as working aspect to us, it must provide minus effective to our outputting result. And positively we can say that it’s so barren, we should avoid the kind of smothered reality as much as possible.
We need balanced situation at dojng anything spiritucally and mentally. That flexible performance must be integral for our mind’s maintenance.

Both mutually completely symmetrical mind’s intention and intending mind’s direction must tell us the necessity to be with flexibilty and temporarily derailed amusement in busy life, rather for completion to duty.
In other words, we should not keep only obligatory strict mission feeling, so creatively, some loyalty to belongings or so in consciousness rather blocks us to have creative fruitage.

According to the degree of our honesty around assressing everything, we get both frequency to get also deadlock or deadend situation and relaxed and smooth duration. Actually genuinely successful aspect or totalized feature is anytime completely unidentified, At any situation it could approacing and leaving so remotely in turn.

Ultimately, mind’s arrangement means us that we all are never dong so well at mission and task, if we are always with only deligent attitude and working mode, because very many unexpected factors are disturbing our running.
Task charged emotion is necessary at inserting amusing thing to us, and that nature should be kind of leisure. Because our running reality is charactered as so alive and breathing creature by itself.

Ruuning process itself could be flexibly exchanged and switched at mode option.

That pendulum tasty mind’s functinong mechanism should never be made light of in terms of our mind’s questining at daily life.

Fullness, and arbitrarily made empty should be arranged at any running process, in other words, being only filled with strict correctness and responsbility executing performance must make us only commonplace offcially regocnizable complition. That makes us certainly no deadlock nor no trouble, but that state is not so fascinating to anybody.

Our mind absolutely needs relaxed approaching behavior and attitude. At the matter of fact not having only desperate mind must be the best our mind’s necessity.
Just we are never known at the operating skill at doing so well so perfectly.

Jun. 11th. 2021

Memorandum; Here we can submit our another proposition. It could be very small persistence. Insisting on so subtle elements at any doing, that could be paraphrased to Otaku, that tasty mind and behavior should be submitted here, then we subsequently have manifestation to this kind of debate table from the next occasion as premise or newly updated proposition.