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Poetry’s Spiritual Function Part1

There is what only the ones who only could be permitted to refuse disgusting thing can understand.

There is what only the ones who can do nothing but giving anybody love can have sympathy.

Necessarily, nobody could categorize any human's essence, though these ones could be assorted and the way to be touched and what sort of touched content each has are specifically assorted, nevertheless, the range of aspect to be touched, understood could be present according to each case.

Only one thing could be said so generally. That is, these things could not be seen nor understood by the ones who could do everything if they want to do.

To this term, poetry thing could discriminate no one but the ones who are in conceit and unaware of any own lack and critical parts, nevertheless, rather the ones who once wore that so ass-hole situation are neither discriminated by poetry thing world, that so miraculous flexibility must be present, that overturn is so amazing thing in world and probably in universe.

No optional, no selective, only at being obliged to with minimally accompanying only very shortage as the situation could give ones whose reality is nothing but these so specifically somewhat presumably only the thing must be what the one truly have gratitude, yest that thanikng emotion is the must for reading poetical masterpieces' appreciation world, you know.

Thus, as long as anybody is on not prejudiced nor conceit filled mind, poetry thing spiritually could discriminate readers' type, and the thing must be kind of illusion.

If we try to set some truth, here daringly so intentionally, the ones who can easily get what they want to have, could never be in this world. Because the one even if at filled with satidfaction at getting many things so easily, the ones must have either so empty feeling and another exhaution caused from unnecessary fotune cookie they fortunately or unfortunately got once so accidentally. Eventually easy coming, easy going, easy getting, easy losing.

And only these things could be replaced with words in poetry made by some emotional intention and reason. These words are not always prepared only for poetry, either for poets or so, could work or function so effectively, that flexiblly not choosing using one is words' very terrificly magnificient nature we all can share.

If these things could have some valuable acting necessity, any kind of poetry, as long as the thing was written by honest emotion and credo, that object could be so truth to writer and assessed with the best tool for reading to anybody, simultaneously, the effect could be done either for smearing so cynically and coolly, but not headed for complete demolishing to anybody, even if the one is so devilish, that so bluntly cool and not peresistent nature is what poetry either has so originally.

In human words, as the mind present community, only arrogance, cold-blooded mind only Satan must have or so must have reality any wonderfulness, beauty or so could never satisfy them, to anything, not having any touched emotion must be the ones whose spirit someday should be healed with e.g. poetry words could touch and make them aware of these chances to get them know honesty in life, yes, that thing must be present just for each one's mind.
(to be continued)

July. 17th.   2021