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Machine Operating Animals Part5

Obeying any rule, reguration, and order is almost instinctive our mind, so savagely accompanied nature, and according to these things’ running, our machinery usage could be made, but simultaneously too convenient and excessively rationalized procedure with our contacting structure promotes us have so philosophic introspection in our mind, at heading for not based on convenient carriage.

Then, e.g. to the ones who broke the social rule, we easily have mind to get sanctions to control their offending acts, and breaches, or any kind of disciplinary punishment or so. The kind of very sadistic mind is held at our mind, more or less.

Exerting mind’s temptation is consistently potential our nature. And at trying to do so, we usually have very mechanical ideas, because we all are besieged by many machines, computers, or so.

We necessarily ware very rationalized mode sensitivity, so personally at own mind, thus we are at that very plain sanction onlookers, at least at a corner in mind.

And that mind must be related and relevant with machine operating amusement, because we usually try to assimilate our sensation go along with mechanically advanced mode and usage.

Then the operating machines pleasure must be our already regurated and accompanied constitution.

Hence, how we should keep company with that nature could be so integral mind holding key to us.

(to be continued)

Jun. 7th. 2021