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Pay Attention to Your Stockade!

Your mind is anytime besieged by many hyenas trying to look for sttmbling and starving one.

Then, do never show your weaknesses to anybody.

Our world means scavengers' paradise.

Your mind is pokerfaced precidio.

Then, if you show your true mind so unnecessarily to any stranger, your stockade's circumstance must be seen though by them.

When you are so at satisfied mimd, very good meeting to anyone with terms business, private love or so.

Meantime, when you are so starving, very many minded strangers must try to take your weaknesses advantage of their mean tactics.

According to your adversity, you'd bluff anyone making the one believe that you are so well.

That pretension means so much.

And at tha occasion, if you'd meet somebody whose posture could be so credible, you'd have some precious encounter, then rather when you are at so hard days, you'd be so gentle to anyone.

Even if you have only empty stockade, somebody could offer so trustworthy aid to you.

You should keep your earnest mind, so gratefully, and that act could be so well, you must have the unexpected opportune in coming together with someone so helpful.

Dignify your mind and take the other one respected.

Do never be greedy, because you are the knight to secure all beloved ones, even at your so painfully stalemate, and depression.

Consequently, only midst the period you'd fallen into hell at anything, your mind's pals as Angels dancing around you must whisper so gentle words, and that time is your life's watershed.

The your best thanking moment must smile at your the worst time, and only it could strengthen your mind's will and merciful emotion!

That is your human's proof!

Jun.  3, 9th.    2021