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Duality and Another Part1

Liking and disliking, doing the best in running desperately and resting at having no idea nor thinking nothing in empty, these obvious discernment obviously convincing to some extent for our understanding, nevertheless, that idea generally manages our mind necessarily makes, but another way could be reasoned.

Being and none, bright and dark, etc. in world of words, very many dualities as dual items in symmetry exist.

However, very another interpreting way could be present to us. That must never be like the gray toward white and black or the kind of zone, just the typed thing must have no duality, only just plainly the state or condtitioned, the kind could be either to us, and our own mind.not

Surely, it is similar to ambivalent, but that would not matched so well.
Eventually the kind of no dual thing could have no relatively compared degree nor symmetorically regarded criterion.

Active or inactive, positive or negative, aggressive or passive, these kinds of discrimination is not so proper, at this view.
At the matter of fact, that does not belong to the combination or category move or stop.

Otherwise, truly unexpressionable these domains are vaster than clearly categorized things, but we could get so uneasy mind there, thus we arbitrarily and expediently could be satidfied with these so commonplace dualities.

E.g. just keeping, holding, lasting, having or so could make us so specific impression and mind, otherwise that could be easily beyond grade, degree, extent or so, that emotionally convincing moment must exist, and that impression easily could have justification easily beyond all analytical approach.

At concerning something, noticing either, that our empirically durable approach must make us very another mind not run down only with duality.
Otherwise, that could be what we can hardly find opposite conceot, hence the thing could precede degree nor quantity, levell nor grade or rating.

Consequently only these attract my concern, and passion as unidentifed motivating meeting, for engaging me. Necessarily it differs from being neutral.

E.g. length, extent, size or so could belong to it, but being just defined significant nature by itself is not so, rather, through some specified meeting, discovering and contacting aspect we are obliged to get so extremely unforgettable impression and decisively awaked emotion and detachment could be done to us, so rarely, that tasty very miraculous moment could have no word nor definition at the demand to explain ㏌ answering, in other words answeable thing is generally normal it, but rather anytime to extremely exceptional meeting, we usually have lost simple words for interpreting nor explaining, that very unexpressionable left mind could be present to anybody, that thing could decline any definitively rational method with duality.

That thing is easily found at material, nature, human’s mind, both at negative, and positive our really experienced site, field and occasion.
Eventually, at any own thing, more so outstanding and clear somewhat could be there, the kind of thing must be very another something to duality indicating clearance.

Conceptual and notional clearance is the simplest indidation, but personal somewhat must deny any appropriate indication, and only it could be so integrally personal meeting and experience.
Only that must be another somewhat.

Nevertheless, generally, another it could be almost accompanied with people or society and nature or so in assessing some strangth which could never be seen except it.
Thereby, so another another it could be very clearly strongest somewhat, and to anybody, once in a life, it could be present, nevertheless, it could never be replaced with any word, nor any informative narration.
Very attractive, but simultaneously not so easy to mention in one indication nor explanation, necessarily practically, rationally we’d never be able to position it so properly, only that thing could be what we could have a chance to face at whole span of life, you know.

Thus, that another somewhat must never be like so violently but at the same time so attractive nor very severly harsh situation with rouge or desperado, what we can find, rather so ironically and so rhetorically entangled nevertheless, to us so obligedly forcing never to have any suitable conclusion, and only it must guide our own life so continuously and so ceaselessly. Rather it could be so obviously seen only to own “myself”.

At the matter of fact, what I qust is more independent. Never yet because of its unexpressionably solly felt and tangible somewhat, only to “myself” very clear, certain, thus if we try to mention it, we must have shy emotion and mentality, and hardly being so defined analytically, nevertheless only to “myself”, it could be the easiest to be caught in mind, and only that could be so important leitmotiv and our the sole encounter in all span of life.

Anyway, that would be immodest or not so correct, when we look at older generation one than us at the one’s face, expression and comprexion, we can have so comical or funny impression in spite of that we know that impression is not so offcially and ethically idencent, nevertheless, so that kind of impression could never wiped out from mind, that experience must be held at anybody, you know.
That thing would be relevant with what I want to indicate.

Scale, degree, extent and that seemed so symmetrical atmosphere could easily be crossed, in other words, going back to premise, these things could not belong to dual cognition, so called it could be separable nor dividable, obviously, it is so another, fundamentally different nature essence.
That feature could never defined, at least with duality.

Because older ones’ aspect could be done at just now, but simltaneously that now could have been made at so long span. That very ambivalent and simultaneously very comlicated relevance could belong to another dimensioned toward duality.

If we discover that unidentified nature analytically, presumably we’d solve duality’s accompanying contradiction and insufficiency. Very optimistically I think so.
(to be continued)

July. 16,17, 18th. 2021

Memorandum; Nerve physiology, brain domain’s scientific view, e.g. Amygrada or so, at very limited part, if we try to output only through numerical value, to us, naturally impression that more integral matter is what denies that numerical approach, in otehr words, so coplexed or kind of very cerebrum operating intuitive judging could be done by us.
That should be noticed by us. That object is not heading for duality dependent logics. More complexed, necessarily mathematics’ complication is to some extent similar together.

By the way, e.g. managing company, at very shortened project aim, according to each term’s achievement, next to next President is replaced, that system applying company could be taken into account, but after only not so good result could be done, unexpectedly, at the time, another reformation should be done.