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None the less, Needing Only Simple and Small thing a.

Only needing simple and small precious thing, but reality disturbs us at having no the thing.

Massive crow demanded by market principle makes us only abundance of information, knowledge and any commodities streaming necessity are preceded and anybody's necessary simple wish is just sacrificed at never regarded so precious.

Society makes only redundancy.

Any simplicity is dealt unnecessarily and it'd easily neglected and sacrificed by mainstream abiding own social mood.

Actually anybody needs only that calmed and easy thing, but nobody must be suppressed at being silent for talking that mind.

Only adjoining with that busy space and jammed situation with any item and joining with reality is forced to be with.

Very many invisible censorship to arrest our own selfish solitude, then necessarily to anybody getting ease must cost so much only for getting calm and easy life.

Only what we can hardly get them all, we can scarcely get that thing's chip makes the irreplaceable value to ease in life.

Consequently, only socially made contradiction and necessity evil driving own inconsistency makes them privileged status implicitly anybody admits.

Human nature could be destined at being engaged in only fighting for obtaining trophy named "ease".

Though otherwise the earth for human is just only huge extent jail. Though the mind to be a prisoner must gain ground.

No costing merely present ease, where have you gone?

(Irregularly continued)

Nov. 24th.    2022