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Love can always easily go beyond any border/ improvizating created poem with message to farewell to 2018!

For any lovers beyond ethnic, race, nation, idea, there’s nothing of restraint toward anything even at the end of the year nor biginning coz, love means univerdal truth to the ones only in love together.
Indidividually any common sense doesn’t mean so much, that is all for beloved ones.
Any borderes are never so meant to anybody in true love.

Love is going on easily beyond any borders.
Love doesn’t dash, even if it runs so fast, and escape from something, beloved ones are anytime so easy in front of love mutually.

Love is simle, it means only wanting nothing but it, just only it.
Love is so easy, it meand no need to feel pain, no burden spiritually.
But hasten to get everything at a stretch!

Easy, take it easy to go forward, you are meeting so many stumbling stones and hindrance blocking your going forward.

Step by step, only its walking you must get something.

Get ready for every suffering you would meet someday.
That moment would try how you deal with a mission of God.

However, love can always easily go beyond any border.
Only love could make you overcome everything, only love have a power to make every blocks and troubles to be diffused to anywhere.

In so tough time you suffer from, you would get something so important to your life as the sole precious love.
Just in that kind of time, you must discover the most grateful something to you, either.

Love is the echo.

Love is the miracle.

Love is the belief.

Love must be the same anyone must need and crave for so naturally.

Love, and its continuation, it needs so tough effort, but it would be either so interesting, coz, love is so constantly comical.
Laugh loud about any love bearing contradiction.

You are the everyday lone wolf, coz everybody is nothing but ourlaw, desperado, eventually anybody is never God and sinner.

Laugh loud about every unnecessary mind burden!

You are the so temporary Angel in the world, either.

For testing your capability and generosity as your capacity and potentiality, any border was set by God, but God must smile for your doing everything, if you are pious to God offering everything, you must be saved and be alright for your future.

Don’t dash off everything, sometimes toward what you need so emergently, dash it, and recreate something you’ve never met, rush to it as much as possible! If you find out it.

If you keep going on to preserve it in your mind, it either could be your love.

Love lays to and fro, here there and everywhere.

Thank your step, thank your effort, these would absolutely get to be true love, and it must tell you something!

When you are sad, you can cry, scream, you can drop your tears so easily.

You must find the one who can cry together, too.

Love, probably it could never be so formal thing, it must be so usual and so familiar to you, too.
Easy, so relaxed, and be calm your mind, and wait for a while, something must tell you something.

(For Jun. 1th. 2019, Dec. 31.2018)

This Year's Very the Last Intermission of the poem as the newly started poetry series the fisrt one/ View Gifted to Each Individual Part1

The one who is the own individual is the thing which could never holding any absolute fair watch to everything.
Coz, any individual is absolutely on the fact to be destined regarding only it as the pal to each myself and under its condition, any other individulas except him is against myself, that one must try to grasp criticizing one so small.

Individual presence as a human must make an effort to recognizing each myself in ethical view, and its individual smallness is applied also to myself I logics or ethical common sense, but it could be hardly realized from bottom of his mind.
But, its all phenomenon of him is caused from that any gifted individual’s view is essentially, each different and anybody could only watch or look at the ownly gifted view, in all lifetime of them.

In conclusion, for any individual, the whereabout as located only for each oneself is just the sole core or center of the world.
And in an absolute truth, now located point each oneself must be present is never be applied to anyone except each oneself.
Only its fact it absolutely is shared to any individual, as the absolutely fair truth.

Thus, if anybody could regard that view only each oneself is gifted as each moment view or sight was seen so precious, but simultaneously the it with any other individual except each oneself was never the different from each own it, that one must think any other indivirual’s it should never treated so small as also the precious one at each different characterized at each different moment.
But, also toward the one who can be so critical to myself, thinking so either is so tought to anyone when anyone can be in that situation.
And, moreover thinking only the partner as critical to myself so denied presence is so dangerous mentality but simultanesuly thinking any partners except each oneself so admittable or recognizable to myself is at the same degree so dangerous, either, generally speaking we can say so, too.

Thus, anybody could recognize that sein any partner or the other person never in denied evaluated one was a first step to come near God, but anybody must feel so in ethical vision formaly but at the carnal world gatherings, any leaders must never be able to regard any other groups in different ideas as being so as innocent presence to their pals and its leader, almost no one can do it, and even if that leader can be that absolute fair one, that one must be doubted by any members of this group or gathering being regareded as disqualified one.

At the matter of fact, if anyone imagine that self managing gathering and any other different gathering, bein able to regard so fair and equalified to be seen to the one is just ideal, anyone formally understands so, but it was just only beyond any reality things and anybody could advocate it eirher.

Thus, the one who survives only with an ideal ideplogy must never be shared to anybody who tries to survive in reality and real, mutually they are opposing together, someday.
However, simultaneously anbody could survive half with ideal, half with a reality and real itself either.

And at this prospect, each one must be gifted only restrained view and its condition, age each one was born, seen thingsm and events or anything and any matters in each differently, then moreover criticizing other one’s individual must never be easily accepted to each one, necessarily.
But if very gravely last-ditch endangered situation covers all of individuals, anybody must have changed their daily common sence and habitual thinking to the ideas either.
And if earlier, that natural fact was aware to anybody, some better result must be welcomed to us, otherwise, anybody must have been aware of after anything was collapsed, so necessarily, but we are just spending in dullness until that awaked moment comes afterward, it must be us, either.

After all, each different view anybody is given is just each never false, but anybody must never be able to see any views in equality so necessarily as obligedly irresistible fact.
If we talk so much about only view individually given, individually at any cases, we are anybody felt to be so abstract and get a reputation as being so notorious to anybody coz they see that one distrustful as the absolute truth, its matter also cooprerate with the impossibility to make religious absolute idea or thought in belief contact with the one in question.

It could be applied to any tangible matters except seeing things, and physiological matters, pathological matters, all those matters are never seen to anybody but each myself essentially, all those could be contained to the same propositonal suggesting offered here, either the pain or smart.

Human-beings are never surviving without any properly needed which is so important conditioning, evil, necessary evil, without it utterly we must never survive in any society.
If we are never so, we are obliged to be slave by anybody and its one’s view absolutely, and obliged to be managed by that one, either, necessarily.
And that perfectly slavery obedience, anybody must evaluate, either in now society.
Thus, if anyone can discover so easy emotion or freedom its slavery spending in that one’s life, that one must choose the life in different dimension to the carnal world truth, but with immanent different from a right to be given as the effectiveness of society, and making an effort to doing only it and choose also the decision in no need to acquire the individual freedom, daring to do so, we could predicate his life so.
It must be expressed as being a martyr.

But simultaneously, understanding to that one must never be met only with our knowledge about him that he must be the exceptional one, in conclusion we are obliged to admit any unfair idea individually, with regarding everything as unseen so fair in restrained view in each of us, however after we are trying to make them all to be in absolute freedom then after all it coud be set, to anybody in each mind.
There probably would be some principle to love.

(to be continued)
See you, in Next New year! All of You entering into my site!

(Nov. 20., added a few parts at Dec. 31)

 Memo. This time conclusion is never applicable in actual society, coz the society thing must be public, and the part as if the mirtyr of this poetry the first version’s last part must be dealt with normal citizen by anybody and its mission feeling must never be recognized so ordinary as never dealig with any social duty. But just coz of it, there are some ones who only be with love and self sacrifice as martyrdom, we can see it, but its life was never so ordinarily normal coz they are all never ordinary citizens then, its significant idea or vision about happiness, or satisfaction to fulfil it are all distanced from any ordinary citizens so much.
At this rate, not only Jesus, but also John Lennon, Fredy Mercury, George Harrison, Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gay, Bob Marley, Alesa Franklin, otherwise, Yukio Mishima were all so as to be.
This problem or proposition must be adopted also to the one about group VS group, ethnic VS ethinic, or race VS race, nation VS nation or any other dimensions, either.

Intermission Poetry the sixth / Teasing You who are Teasing me

Just the only way to get you was teasing you who are teasing me.
But we each other were so busy to do everything.
And so many things we could see and feel so constantly.
But eventually I needed you and you needed me.

More you teased me, I more wanted you.
More you seduced me, I more tried to love you.

But after ending of the game, game itself was so exhausted.
More flaming game must be emptier after game ends.

However, both you and me could never stop its proceeding.
And it must had been alright to two.

Our runaway was so thrilling to us and anyone who could contact us are hesitating over our atmosphere we’d made to all around us.

But, after ending our game, nobody was injured for our being.
That was so wonderful.
Thus, let’s regard our love as never so injured to each other, either, possibly it could be so hard to us particularly.
But we must tide over any hurt mind hangover from now on.

If you can do so, and I can do so, too, we should find out each similar partner to each other again, possibly we are in the same inseparable destiny to play the so similar games forever until we die.
But if it would be right, we should never free from this destiny together.

And if you would be in an emotion to see me again, please contact me at the moment so easily.
Whenever I receive your contact, I soon accept any request from you, as long as your request would never be asking me to die together.

But if your it would be so, and its request from you will so persuasive and understandable so rationally with your true mind, I will respond your request so positively, because you are so especial to me whatever happens to me in my future, and if you request me something so grave for you, my mind lover must be captivated by you again and from the moment to know its thing, my love of you and your it to me would absolutely be the eternal love joint, we could believe in only it again

But until you could be the emotion as if I exemplify, please don’t contact me so easily.
Coz, as long as your request was never so honest, I would have enough again as if you did to me.
Thus, if you want me to answer your request so honestly along your hope, please progress your mind to truly passionate to my being and to believe in my honesty.

Until you would do so, I won’t wait for your request and just forget all about it and sometimes sing a song for you and live all day long so easily and do everything in easygoing pace of mine.

And I’ll keep a word to love you until that moment.

(Dec. 14. 2018)

This poem was upped at Dec.14  2018 at another blog examplewordpresscom1616)