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Paradoxical Truth Part1

Other one's mind could never be convinced at taking only persistent convincing talk like instruction by the one (Generally, very spontaneus approach is generally anytime made of not persistently urging to the one but so usefully light cheering in whispering or so).

Preach or so could be bored only at lengthy church's it, ether anybody's mind could be unexceptional at listening to it for a long time.

Desperately approaching something rather loses that object, eventually relaxed and so easy-going running could have smooth aspect, only at that state, people's mind could make it active, so spontaneously, light feeling and outing any kind of heavy emotion so smartly well could get that pace so easily, mind only successful at deleting persistence coud carry our mind to get smooth approach, that degree and adjusting must be the better way to keep any trial so slippery.

Good result, enriched fruit, and that irreplaceable felicity could be done to us, unexpectedly at only having no insistance, only having not so desirable mind prepares for us to get something so certainly.

How does our time's optional affection to get us so satidfied mind work or opt the timing to receive our request?

Our memory is composed with unexpectedly only left mind at memory stockade in mind, and it could be made with very many forgotten memories and many once thought minds and ideas. In other words, very many daringly forgotten things could sustain only left mind.

Needing and offering, asking and accepting in bilateral payoff are all so delicately alotted around our life cycle, and that reality makes us wisdom through intuition we necessarily keep in mind, so potentially, by nature.

Nature means the power for arranging and looking for the best timing at every outcome, set as phenomenal concretion.

The miraculous carried oppportune could smile us so accidentally.

That probably could be done only at so cool but simultaneously so easy analysis and very momentary careful discovery.
Nevertheless, that nature's submission must have no subject. Otherwise for opportune's nature, to that done thing, we have only gratitude, otherwise, at missing to catch so touchy timing, so sorry emotion could manage our mind.

Eventually, only at a break, we unexpectedly find some new good idea to solve anything when we are troubled at anything.
Though, our world's all unsolved things and matters could rely on only so peradoxically attacking to our reality in absolute ireggularity as some strange shuffling power or so.
Our mind by itself could comprehend subconsciously potential the best timing, so silently.

Necessarily that could not be frequently awoken matter, or kind of accident, that never so frequent nature must make us God in mind so naturally, though that fulfilled realiity makes us felicity toward advent by God.

That awareness surely is so occasionally, thus, it makes us gratified moment.

That unforgettable mind left at brain makes us comprehension to all the best timing's advent to us, so figured out condition.
Because very paradoxically hardly be fruited state in reality makes us true completion at converted from persistently immovable paradoxical truth.
(to be continued)

July. 15., 23rd.    2021